Maysville, Ky… “What a gem we found”

The draw to Maysville, Kentucky may never cease to amaze me. The rich history, culture, architecture and the arts seem to bring people from all over. Interestingly, it seems as though many, maybe most, happen by. The term I mostly hear tossed out from those that stumble upon Maysville is, “what a gem we found.”

This was proven again early this morning as I left the Parc Cafe to walk down by the river. Past the bronze buffalo, a little spray from the fountain and under the rail bridge I met a lovely lady standing just under the over pass to avoid the coming drizzle. Her portable easel erect and brushes in her hands, she continued intently studying and stroking the Kenton bridge onto her watercolor paper. The sky was grey and she captured it spectacularly.

I walked by quietly as not to disturb her, but of course, strained my neck to get a glimpse. I assumed she was one of the many local artists that I have come to admire here. On my way back, I could not resist but to engage her and discuss her painting. She was so gracious and we talked for a while.

Her name is Cheryl Powell and she is not from Maysville, but North Carolina. Last year she and her husband “happened” by Maysville during a music event downtown on their way north. They loved downtown, stayed a while and took hundreds of pictures. Cheryl created several paintings of downtown, some of these can be seen on her website This visit they came on purpose, “What a gem we found here!”

Cheryl is working with watercolor right now and will be featured downtown at The Cox Gallery October, 2019. Welcome Cheryl!

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